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Correct maintenance method of large vertical packing machine

June 15, 2017


Correct maintenance method of large vertical packing machine.

Today's era is an era of automation, a variety of packaging equipment has gradually stepped into the ranks of automation, and our powder packaging machine is not willing to lag behind, so the large vertical packaging machine, eye drops filling line listing, has been recognized by the major enterprises, but also widely invested in the market, which greatly helps enterprises save labor costs and improve life Production and quality.

The advanced automation mode not only effectively improves the production efficiency of enterprises, but also ensures the packaging quality of products. Therefore, large vertical packaging machine, eye drops filling line, has become one of the packaging equipment of major enterprises, but there are often many enterprises do not understand the importance of machine maintenance and maintenance methods. Powder packaging machine must pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance, because this can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also the equipment itself will not break down. Then for the maintenance of the packaging machine, I would like to give you a few suggestions:

1. Oil lubrication: oil lubrication shall be added to the gear meshing points, oil filling holes of bearing with seat and all moving parts regularly, once a shift, and oil-free operation of the reducer is strictly prohibited. When adding lubricating oil, pay attention not to put the oil tank on the rotating belt, in order to prevent the belt from slipping or premature aging and damage. Another thing to pay attention to is that the reducer must not run when there is no oil. After the first 300 hours of operation, clean the inside and replace with new oil, and then change the oil every 2500 hours. When adding lubricating oil, do not drop oil on the drive belt, because this may cause the powder packing machine to slip and lose rotation or premature aging and damage of the belt.


2. Regular cleaning: after shutdown, the metering part should be cleaned in time, and the heat seal body, especially the packaged materials with high sugar content, should be cleaned regularly. The rotary table and blanking door should be cleaned regularly. The heat seal body should also be cleaned regularly to ensure the seal lines of the finished packaging products are clear. The scattered materials should be cleaned in time to facilitate the cleaning of the machine parts, so as to be better To extend its service life, but also often clean the dust in the electric control box, in order to prevent short circuit or poor contact and other electrical faults.

3. Machine maintenance: maintenance of large vertical packaging machine is one of the keys to prolong the life of the packaging machine. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the screws of each part of the powder packaging machine to avoid loosening, otherwise, the normal remote rotation of the whole machine will be affected. For its electrical parts, attention should be paid to waterproof, anti moisture, anti-corrosion and anti rodent, so as to ensure that the electric control box and terminal are clean, so as to prevent electrical accidents After shutdown, the two heat sealers should be in the open position to prevent the packaging materials from being damaged by scalding.

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