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Wet towel packing machine attaches importance to quality

May 15, 2020
Wet towel packing machine attaches importance to quality

A wet towel is a wet tissue used to wipe the skin. Wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is that they have been disinfected, but can not disinfect other items. They contain skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin care. The other is not only disinfected itself, but also can play a role in disinfection of other items, can be used for skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization. When choosing wipes, be sure to see the function and positioning of wipes. By material

There are two kinds of wipes according to materials: one is wet strength paper and the other is non-woven fabric. Most of the wipes are made of non-woven fabrics. If subdivided, the raw materials of non-woven fabrics are mostly Spunlaced;

Wet wipes can be divided into polyester and cotton in terms of materials. Polyester feels hard and slippery, and cotton feels soft;

According to process

Wet wipes can be divided into two types: cross laying and forward laying;

By user

Wet wipes can be divided into adult wet wipes and baby wipes. The baby wipes are highly demanding and can not be added with alcohol, flavors, stimulant, fluorescent agents and so on.

According to the original solution

Again, the original solution used in the wipes can not be said to be all liquid medicine, but RO pure water + disinfectant. The content of disinfectant should be scientifically proportioned. When it is used to clean hands and faces before and after meals or without water and soap, wet wipes are still a better choice.

In addition, in addition to ordinary wipes for skin cleaning, disposable surface disinfection wipes are more popular in the world. This kind of disinfectant wipes are not equal to ordinary sanitary wipes. This kind of surface disinfection wipes mainly act on the surface of the object, not the human body, and has a wider spectrum of sterilization, bacteria and viruses (hepatitis B, AIDS and other viruses) can be killed. Domestic use has gradually become popular

Among the many surface disinfection wipes, the disinfectant wipes with low concentration hydrogen peroxide are the safest, with very low corrosivity, and no stimulation and harm to human body. In the field of surface disinfection in Europe and North America, peroxides are a major trend.

In the current epidemic situation, wipes are indispensable for every family. As manufacturers, we must strictly control the packaging machine for wipes.

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