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vacuum capping machine

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  • Professional YB-ZKX6 6head high speed automatic vacuum capping machine manufacturers
    Professional YB-ZKX6 6head high speed automatic vacuum capping machine manufacturers
    vacuum capping machine automatic for glass jar in food industry linear capping
  • WB-ZKX-4 Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine
    WB-ZKX-4 Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine
    WB-ZX Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine ,Vacuum capping machine is generally referred to as the equipment for vacuum capping packaging of glass bottle tinplate. The glass bottle mouth is spiral, and the lid is usually made of tinplate, with the same number of buttons as the corresponding bottle mouth thread. According to the different bottle mouth diameter standards, the lid with three, four and six buttons is equipped with the corresponding number of spiral glass bottles. As for why this kind of glass bottle tinplate unscrew the lid packaging to use the vacuum capping machine, because the packaging container can keep the vacuum must be rigid enough, otherwise it will deflate, and the lid must have enough sealant and can firmly buckle or screw the bottle in order to make the vacuum in the bottle for a long time to maintain.
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