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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
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Automatic band shrink wrap machine hemp essential oil bottle shrink sleeve labeling machine

As one of the equipment with higher content of packaging technology in the back section, the label machine has been fully recognized by the vast number of customers for its excellent high-speed and stable performance, unique smart design and human-machine harmony safety mode. Application fields: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, condiment, juice, injection needle, milk, refined oil, etc.

1. The whole line can be adjusted production automatically or manually:

Automatic speed control: automatic state on our machine can be adjusted according to the

former way production speed automatically, with bottles of magic eye, fully automatic tracking system with convenient and fast function to automation

Manual control: can be according to the requirements of the production speed to control the delivery schedule, the operation of the speed fully human.

2. Whole machine malfunction automatically detect, cooperate with man-machine interface in Chinese display and trichromatic lamp alarm prompt, timely find out equipment failure reasons

3. The machine delivery of a complete set of institutions synchronous transmission need to adjust a knob, you can easily adjust the machine running speed. The machine automatically detects adjust speed automatic condition.

4. Single positioning guide pillar type center: more stable to guide the label.

5. Adjustable cutter head: original cyclotron cut-off, double blade, long life;

6. Cutting surface is smooth and no tail, make the shrink more perfect.

7. Applicable bottle type: round square, flat, cup type and irregular curve type bottles.

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