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Cartoning Machine
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Adapt automatic feeding with the function of open box, enter box, seal box and automatic output and so on, compact and reasonable structure, easy operation.

1. the use of servo / stepper motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, human interface display operation is clearer and simpler, high degree of automation, more user-friendly.

2. the use of photoelectric sensor automatic detection tracking system, no products do not draw boxes, to maximize the savings of packaging materials;

3. packaging range easy to adjust, a variety of specifications between sizes can achieve rapid conversion.

4. Change to different size product by adjusting the parts and no need to replace the mold.

5. no product or product supply is not in place, the machine idling not push the product, when the product resumes supply after automatic operation, the product into the box is not in place automatic shutdown and the main drive motor overload protection device, the application of more safe and reliable

6. automatic display boxing speed and counting.

7. optional of flip-up safety shield, easy to operate, beautiful appearance.

8. can be with aluminum packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, 3D packaging machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, spraying machine, online weighing meter, other production lines and other equipment to achieve joint production;

9. according to the requirements of packaging design a variety of automatic feeder and box system;

10, according to customer requirements to choose the hot melt machine for spray seal box.

Specification :

Total power  :1kw

Voltage :220/50Hz

Speed :50-60 boxes/min

Carton specification:  L*W*H 30mm~220mm]×[20mm~80mm]×[12mm~55mm]

Carton paper quality : 250-350g/m2 

Starting current  : 8A

Full load operating current :  2.5A

Manual specifications : L*W [75mm~180mm]×[100mm~160mm]

Instruction manual paper  :  50-60g/m2

Air consumption : 5~8 L/min

Compressed air : 0.6~0.8Mpa

Total weight : 1300kg

Noise ≤ 75dB

Dimensions : L*W*H 2500*1300*1650

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