Weibang is a professional filling machine and packaging machine manufacturer in China since 2005.

  • Product Details

1. The composition of the workstation

① Collaborative robot

② Electric box control cabinet

③ Column lifting shaft

④ Base + clamp positioning

⑤ End effector

⑥ Operating system

2. Workflow of the workstation

Preparation → Palletizing method setting → Palletizing A → Palletizing B → Finish

3. Product advantages

1. Safe and stable

(1) It can directly work side by side with humans without using safety fences for isolation, and has a high degree of reliability and safety;

(2) Support 10-level collision detection and sensor safety detection;

(3) Provide 16 safety I/O interfaces, and the safety function will not be lost when a single fault occurs;

(4) The terminal will not fall when the power is off, and the product is safe and stable;

2. Flexible deployment

(1) Integrated design, light and flexible, small footprint;

(2) The deployment of new tasks on workstations is simple, quick and efficient;

3. Simple programming

(1) The programming method can be mastered in half an hour, and the simple programming can be completed in one hour;

(2) Visual programming is simple and efficient, and the robot can be easily manipulated without being proficient in programming languages;

4. Flexible production

Fast switching of multiple functional scenarios, flexible production can be achieved by man-machine collaboration, two-machine collaboration, multi-machine collaboration, etc.;

5. Wide range of applications

Widely used in food, medicine, 3C, daily chemical, e-commerce and other industries;

No programming
Low footprint
Simply in control
Simply flexible
Simply Maintenance

5,Technical details:
Payload, up to 20 kg
Capacity, up to 8 CPM when load 20KG
Item size, closed box (W×L×H) from 140×210×110 mm to 290×530×370 mm
Pallet sizes: EUR, INDU, US, JPN and AUS                     < 1230*1230mm
Pallet height, up to 2.1 m
Communication protocols, Modbus TCP/IP,EtherCAT,CAN,RS232/485

6,Technical Parameter   :

Collaborative Robot Parameters
Max Load20kgs

Pallet Working Radius

Maximum reach1600mm
Power supply220V 50/60Hz
Max. Working Spee


Range of Motion(ROM) 

J1 : ±360°

J2 : ±360°

J3 : ±360°

J4 : ±360°

J5 : ±360°

J6 : ±360°

Max.Speed of Motion 

J1/J2/J3:  148°/

J4/J5/J6:  186°/s

Positioning Accuracy


Communication Type 


IP Grade


Temperature Range



Aluminum alloy, Carbon fiber

Parameters of Control Cabinet

Maximum stacking heightThe maximum stackable height of lifting is 2100mm (including tray); generally up to 1600mm (including tray)
Maximum pallet size1200mm×1200mm
Stackable box size L (260-500) mm * W (200-450) mm * H (150-400) mm
Maximum allowable load 20kg
Fastest stacking speed up to 8 boxes per minute
Working radius The maximum working radius is 1600mm
Safety function optional: safety grating, safety fence, safety induction carpet
IP grade Robot arm IP54, grippers and other accessories all meet IP32
Interface  Support multiple safety inputs and outputs, including emergency stop, safety protection, administrator mode, factory setting mode
Safety function Emergency stop function, reserved external safety interface (can be controlled through I/O interface)
Status of the indicator light When the power is on normally, the indicator light is always green; when the power is off, the indicator light is off

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