Weibang is a professional filling machine and packaging machine manufacturer in China since 2005.

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1. What Is Toothpaste Filling Machine?

A toothpaste filling machine is an equipment that you should use to fill a container with a paste used for oral hygiene.

WEIBANG designs and builds filling machines and packaging equipment for Toothpaste. Our Toothpaste liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the Toothpaste industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Toothpaste filling needs and meet your production goals.


PLC control, touch screen, Simple operation. Combination of the high quality programming controller and button. Comprehensive understanding of the stepless speed regulation, parameters, output counting, pressure indication, fault display and other operating conditions.
2. Automatic working process from tube loading to finished product output. Autometic tube feeding, automatically finish tube feeding, photoelectric sensor poistioning,inert gases filling (optional), material filling , sealing,batch number printing,finished product output.
3. High precision poistioning system controlled by a photoelectric light sensor, reducing colour difference between the tube and color patc.
4. External adjust site, position digital display, convinient and accurate to adjust, suitable for mass production with various sizes and various catogories.
5. Mechanical, photoelectron, electric, pheumatic intergrative controlling.

3. Parts Of Toothpaste Filling Machine

Safety system – protects against unwanted mishaps and emergencies

Plunger valve – responsible for dispensing the right amount of product

Filling nozzles – controls the flow of liquid into a container

Hopper – it is a funnel-like device accountable for moving material from one place to another

Frame – this is the support system of the machine

Coding jaws – this is where you can easily and quickly set up the machine

Discharge unit – this device enables products from the tank to fill up the tubes

Motor – provides enough power to the machine to do its work

Emergency stop

Control unit – this device is responsible for different commands on the machine.

Cooling unit – this is where sealing takes place.

Tube container – this is where empty tubes are stored

Sensor – a sensor detects the tube and then fills it. Without detection, there will be no filling

4.How Tooth Tube Filling Machine Sealing Machine Works

A toothpaste tube filling machine works in follows in three ways.

The first step is tube feeding, then tube filling, followed by tube sealing, and finally tube coding.

The empty tube is fed into the machine and automatically moved to the rotary table.

Depending on how the machine was programmed, you can use a nozzle with paste at different speeds.

There are several filling techniques one can use.

Once the filling is done, the rotary table moves the tube to the sealing unit.

At the sealing unit, the tube is sealed by mechanical clamps.

The last step is where the tube is coded.

Information such as the expiry date, manufacturing date, and other information is printed on the tube.


Basic Information
  • Year Established
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    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
  • Main Industry
    Packaging Machine
  • Main Products
    Bottle filling machine, liquid filling machine, capping machine, counting machine, labeling machine, powder filling machine, liquid packing machine, sachet packing machine, powder packing machine, shrinking machine ,cartooning machine
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Helen Deng
  • Total Employees
    16~100 people
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Company Profile
Weibang has over 20 years manufacture and technology R & D experience for filling machine and packing machine. Weibang has 2500 square meters factory room, and about 50 poeple. Weibang has been shipped machines to over 100 countries, USA, UK, and so on.

Shanghai Weibang Machinery Co.,Ltd. locates in Nanxiang industrial center. It is one of the biggest specialized manufactures engaged in development, production, sales and service in medical and food field.

Our main products include: bottle filling machine, liquid filling machine, capping machine, counting machine, labeling machine, powder filling machine, granular packing machine, liquid packing machine, sachet packing machine, powder packing machine, shrinking machine and other processing equipments including bottle washing etc. The company has passed CE. Now most of products have been sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa, etc.

We focus on devoting innovative achievement in optical field and establishing excellent brand. We provide with not only superior products with fashionable design, but also high-quality service. We start from the details, will be your trustworthy cooperator!
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  • Technical parameters:


  • Filling range : 3-30ml, 5-75ml, 50-500ml    

  • Tube diameter  :  10-50mm    

  • Tube length  :  20-250mm (can be customized)    

  • Production capacity   :About 15-40 tubes/min    

  • Filling accuracy    :≤±1%

  • Voltage  :1phase 220V, 50/60 Hz

  • Power  :  4.0 KW    

  • Gas consumption  :  0.3m³/min    

  • Gas course :   0.6-0.8 Mpa    

  • Machine weight   : 700kg    

  • Machine dimension  :  1260x1020x1900mm    


Take advantage of our unrivaled knowledge and experience, we offer you the best customization service.


They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.
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