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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
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Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine shrink wrap packing machine

Principle of marking:

When a bottle on the conveyor belt passes through the bottle detection eye, the servo-controlled drive group will automatically send the next label, and the brush wheel group will brush the next roll label, and the label will be placed on the bottle. If the location of the detection eye is not correct, the label cannot be put into the bottle smoothly.

  1. 1. Suitable for various bottle types of juice, tea drinks, dairy products, purified water, condiments, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industry, not only set the label position is high precision, and can be more prominent and perfect bottle shape after shrinking.

  2. 2. Highly stable mechanical structure: The whole machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, stable and not rusty.

  3. 3. Flexible selection of multi-bottle type: round bottle, square bottle, oval bottle, etc., can also choose to set bottle mouth or bottle body.

  4. 4. Unique synchronous cutter seat, within the specification range, no need to change the cutter seat. If you need to change the specifications, it can be done quickly in 5 minutes.

  5. 5. Wide range of application: suitable for food, drinks, cleaning supplies, medicines, wine bottles and other plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, PS, cans and other containers.

  6. 6. High quality positioning accuracy: full mechanical transmission design, the use of forced sleeve, all kinds of film thickness above 0.030MM are applicable, film material diameter 5-10 range can be adjusted.

  7. 7. Low consumable maintenance cost: The machine adopts low-cost expendable blade, easy to replace, low cost burden.

  8. 8. Reliable after-sales service: the machine has spare parts in various parts warehouse, which can be provided at any time, and experienced engineers to provide you with technical support.

  9. 9. Exquisite and beautiful shape, the overall structure is strong, and it is more light and flexible when used.

  10. 10. Exclusive design of reciprocating cutting tool, rigid body combination of mining mechanism, smooth action, double tool life.

  11. 11. Simple center column positioning, easy replacement of specifications, easy for operators to use, easy to understand and learn to control, completely avoid the user's trouble.

  12. 12. Leading the industry's new structural design, the quality is more solid, not the existing domestic products can be compared.

  13. 13. The structural components of the machine are simple and generous, which can ensure low failure rate and simple maintenance.

  14. 14. A full range of safety main body safety protection frame, in fact, intimate design. 

  15. modelTB200
    capacity20-170 pieces/min
    shrink label inner diameter
    power supply1 phase 220V
    machine dimensionL5500mm W1100MM H1800mm
    machine weight700KG

bottle feeder+shrink sleeve labeling machine+bottle collection table

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