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Working principle and instructions for use of high-temperature sterilization tunnel oven

June 15, 2024

High-temperature sterilization tunnel oven can be widely used for drying and sterilizing vials, infusion bottles and various glass bottles. It adopts mesh belt transmission and the mesh speed is steplessly adjustable. It uses far-infrared quartz tube heating, which heats up quickly and is highly efficient. The temperature is displayed by the temperature controller and the control record is set by itself. The cooling area is equipped with a 100-level laminar clean device, which meets GMP standards.

The sterilization oven is a newly developed product for the water injection and powder injection production line of the pharmaceutical factory based on the original far-infrared drying and sterilization tunnel oven, which introduces and digests foreign advanced technology. It is suitable for various specifications of ampoules, vials and oral liquid bottles and other glass containers for drying, continuous sterilization and heat source removal. It is the most suitable drying and sterilization equipment for pharmaceutical factories to implement GMP transformation. The outer surface is made of stainless steel 30428 matte composite film plate, and the inner layer is stainless steel 316L. Hot air circulation in the heating section, air supply in the 100-level purification layer, CIP in-place cleaning system, variable frequency speed regulation motor driven mesh belt, heating element using double-hole gold-plated quartz tube, human-machine interface touch screen program control, fully meet GMP requirements.

Working principle of the equipment:

This oven is made of 1Crl8Ni9Ti or imported SUS304 stainless steel plate, the conveyor belt uses stainless steel chain or stainless steel mesh belt, and the transmission speed adopts stepless speed regulation.

The oven heating element uses far-infrared quartz heating tube or gold-plated quartz tube according to user requirements, installed on the top of the oven, and equipped with a reflective mechanism for regulation, which improves thermal efficiency.

The oven is equipped with an electrical control cabinet, and the temperature digital display automatic control can control the temperature at any constant temperature state.

The outlet can use 100-degree and clean vertical laminar purified air to cool the material, so that the material is in a strictly sterile and dust-free state.

Ultra-fine glass wool or aluminum silicate is used as insulation material in the insulation layer of the oven, with good insulation performance.

Instructions for use:

Close the main switch, turn on the fan and adjust the air volume, turn on the automatic heating button, and adjust the upper and lower limits of the required temperature. When the constant temperature is reached, turn on the transmission motor and adjust the transmission speed. Load the material on the chain or mesh belt with a stainless steel or aluminum plate. The temperature and transmission speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the process requirements to achieve the drying and sterilization requirements.

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