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Advantages of packaging machine

July 27, 2016

Advantages of packaging machine.

If you want to create benefits for yourself within the specified time, you should ensure that your food packaging production line runs well and there will be no mistakes in the production process. In this way, the impact of errors and failures can be avoided as far as possible, so as to obtain benefits for enterprises. Automation level in the manufacturing industry continues to improve, the scope of application is expanding. Automatic operation in packaging machinery industry is changing the action mode of packaging process and the processing method of packaging containers and materials. The automatic control packaging system can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate the errors caused by packaging process and printing labeling, effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees and reduce the consumption of energy and resources. The revolutionary automation is changing the manufacturing method and the transmission mode of the packaging machinery industry. The design and installation of automatic control packaging system, no matter from improving product quality and production efficiency of packaging machinery industry, or from eliminating processing errors and reducing labor intensity, has shown a very obvious role. Especially for food, beverage, medicine, electronics and other industries, it is very important. The technology of automatic device and system engineering is being further deepened and widely used. Large vertical packing machine

technological process

Automatic bagging machine is an advanced and highly automatic product in heat shrinkable packaging machine. This product is suitable for film sealing and heat shrinkable packaging. Automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine can send film automatically, then make bags automatically, smooth the surface, seal and cut film, pack and heat shrink package at one time. At the same time, the waste can be recycled. The cutter of automatic heat shrinkable machine is made of constant temperature super grade aluminum alloy material, specially designed for sealing and cutting POF diaphragm. The characteristics of the cutter are that the sealing line is relatively thin and anti sticking. In addition, in view of the different packaging sizes, the automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine can be adjusted within a certain range, without replacing the grinding tools. At the same time, the temperature of heat shrinkable furnace and the speed of heat shrinkable packing can be adjusted manually. The product is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetics, electronic products, toys and other fields. First set the heating time for the bagging machine

After pressing the manual or automatic button, the rack cylinder solenoid valve is powered on and the output pushes the gear, and the gear drives the chain. At this time, the rack cylinder rear position proximity switch is disconnected. When the rack cylinder runs to TDC, the front proximity switch of rack cylinder is on, and the solenoid valve of oven cylinder is powered on.

When the oven cylinder runs to TDC, the timer (see the figure below) starts to delay, and the rack cylinder solenoid valve is de energized.

At the end of the timing, the solenoid valve of the oven cylinder is powered off.



Development status of machinery industry

China's vacuum packaging machine industry has only been formed for 20 years. Its foundation is relatively weak, its technology and scientific research strength are insufficient, and its development is relatively backward, which has hindered the food and packaging industry to a certain extent. It is predicted that by 2010, the total output value of domestic industries will reach 130 billion yuan (current price), while the market demand may reach 200 billion yuan. How to catch up with and seize this huge market as soon as possible is an urgent problem that we need to solve.

Development status of vacuum packaging machine industry in China

China's vacuum packaging machine started at the end of the 1970s, with an annual output value of only 70 million yuan products and only more than 100 kinds of products. The total sales volume increased from 15 billion yuan in 1994 to 30 billion yuan in 2000. The variety of products increased from 270 in 1994 to 3700 in 2000.

The product level has reached a new level, and the trend of large-scale, complete set and automation has begun to appear. The equipment with complex transmission and high technical content begins to appear. It can be said that China's machinery production has met the basic domestic needs and began to export to Southeast Asia and the third world countries. For example, China's total import and export volume in 2000 was 2.737 billion US dollars, of which the export value was 1.29 billion US dollars, which was 22.2% higher than that in 1999. Among the machinery types exported, food (dairy, pastry, meat, fruit) processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling machines, paper plastic aluminum composite can production equipment and other machinery are more exported. Food machinery such as sugar making, wine making, beverage, vacuum packaging machine and other equipment have begun to be exported in sets.

Development status

As far as food sales packaging is concerned, there are two main types of packaging techniques commonly used and basic nowadays, namely filling and wrapping. The filling method is suitable for almost all materials and all kinds of packaging containers. Specifically speaking, for the liquid, powder and bulk particles with good fluidity, the packaging process can be completed by relying on its own gravity and supplemented by certain mechanical action. For the semi fluid with strong viscosity or the single piece and assembly with large body shape, the corresponding compulsory measures such as extrusion, pushing in, picking and placing are required. However, the wrapping method is different from this one. It is mainly applicable to the single piece or assembly with regular shape, enough rigidity and compactness. It is usually wrapped with flexible plastic and its composite materials (some with additional light pallets and lining boards), and wrapped by mechanical action.

In the past ten years, the international packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general ability and multi-functional integration ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system, so as to provide timely and flexible production means for diversified commodities with rapid market development. At the same time, based on the practical needs of reasonable simplification of packaging and advantages of packaging technology, continuous exploration has obviously accelerated the pace of its own technological innovation. Especially with the synchronous development of modern automatic machine tools, gradually clear. In order to establish a new packaging machinery system with diversification, generalization and multi-function integration, the major problems of combination and Mechatronics must be solved firstly, which is undoubtedly the important development direction in the future.

Mechanical packaging instead of manual packaging, greatly improving the efficiency of packaging, but the proliferation of packaging has become a bad habit. In the future, not only packaging, but also packaging machinery will develop towards environmental protection. Green environmental protection is the theme of the future.

Development of packaging machinery industry

China's packaging machinery started relatively late. In the 1970s, Beijing Institute of commercial machinery studied Japan's packaging machinery and completed the manufacture of China's first packaging machine. After more than 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's packaging industry, and some packaging machinery has filled in Domestic blank, has been able to basically meet the needs of the domestic market, some products are still exported. The import volume of packaging machinery in China is almost equal to the total output value, which is far from that of developed countries.

With the rapid development of the industry, there are also a series of problems. At present, the level of China's packaging machinery industry is not high enough. Packaging machinery market is increasingly monopolized. In addition to corrugated paper packaging machinery and some small packaging machines have certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery is almost not systematic and scale. In particular, some complete packaging production lines with large demand in the market, such as liquid filling production line, complete set of beverage packaging container equipment, aseptic packaging production line, etc., are all in the world packaging machinery market Being monopolized by several large packaging machinery enterprise groups, facing the strong impact of foreign brands, domestic enterprises should take positive countermeasures.

From the current situation, the global demand for packaging machinery is growing at a rate of 5.3% per year. The United States has packaging equipment manufacturers, followed by Japan, and other major manufacturers include Germany, Italy and China. But in the future, the fastest growth of packaging equipment production is in developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from stimulating domestic demand and find suitable local manufacturers in developing countries, especially in food processing plants to provide packaging machinery and equipment. Since China's accession to the WTO, China has made great progress. The level of packaging machinery in China has improved very fast, and the gap with the advanced level of the world has gradually narrowed. With China's increasingly open, China's packaging machinery will further open the international market.

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